What are Buyer Predictions For Newton/Brookline Housing 2009

Not so long ago a Realtor and a seller would sit down, review the comps, the neighborhood, buyer sentiment, etc.  and determine the price of a house fairly accurately.  I want to put a question out to potential home buyers; what factors come in to play for you when you are planning to make an offer on a house? Do comps matter?  Are you worried about financing? I feel that many buyers are making offers based on where they believe the market is going , not where it is now, this is a departure from the past and we need to understand your thinking to help our sellers make sound business decisions.   Are you waiting for a drop in rates or an increase inventory? Are you just too nervous to make financial changes in this uncertain time?  Buyers have always determined the price, but never more so than now.  I for one would really like to know your thoughts.


  1. For me, I look at 2003 pricing and compare to there. 2003 is just ‘before’ all the crazy lending occurred so 2003 pricing is a good gauge of value.

    Perhaps 2003 price + 3% inflation per year


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