Newton Housing Supply and What is Selling

A brief synopsis of the Newton housing supply and what is selling.  At the present time there are a total of 135 single family homes for sale; a very low number.  There are also 23 homes under contract, the breakdown follows:


16 – $319-$499

40-  $500-$749

27-  $750-$999

11-  $1,000K-$1,249K

11-  $1,250K-$1,499K

5-   $1,500K-$1,749K

7-  $1,750K-$1,999K

11-  $2,000K-$3,000K

7-  $3,000K-$8,950K


5-  $319-499

9-  $500-$749

5-  $750-$999

3-  $1,000K-$1,249

0-  $1250K-$1,499K

1-  $1,500K-$1,747K

0 above $1,650K

Not surprisingly, given the financial markets’ decline and job losses at many financial firms, there are a lack of buyers at the high end.

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