Talking Taxes

Does the Boston Globe have a thing against Newton? When was the last time you opened the paper and there was a positive article about Newton. Yesterday the Globe trashed talked Newton about how fiscally irresoponsblie the city is and how the taxes are so high… blah blah blah….so I did a little digging. Many will not be happy about this including my husband, but Newton’s tax rate isn’t high enough. Take a look at the facts; Newton has a tax rate of 9.96 per thousand.
Wellesley 9.47
Weston 11.02
Wayland 16.37!
Concord 11.90
Carlisle 14.04
Needham 9.96
Brookline 10.69
Watertown 12.24
Arlington 11.92
Winchester 11.27
Lexington 12.97
Belmont 11.89
Waltham 11.30
Sudbury 15.29
Newton has one of the lowest tax rates around and the city provides the most services. If I lived in Sudbury I could pay a tax rate of 15.29 and drive my smelly garbage to the dump on a hot humid Saturday afternoon, or pay a private company to dispose of my garbage for $30-50 per pickup. Newton sounds better all the time.


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