Teflon Towns Equals Location

I am always amazed that we humans need to hear the same thing over and over again before we understand something. The top ten towns in Massachustetts have been featured on Chronicle and in the Boston Globe and every year and it’s the same ten towns more or less, but, they all have something in common….location. Proximity to Boston or the water is key. These towns Arlington, Newton, Melrose, Brookline, Milton, Brighton are centrally located, have vibrant downtowns and have easy access to public transportation and highways. It’s a simple principle– location. Homes in a convenient location sell and retain value better than anything else. Commuting an hour each way into Boston or driving past 495 gets old very quickly, especially after a long winter. Commuting is also expensive; sky high gas prices, threatened toll hikes and an impending gas tax only add to the drudgery. Duxbury, Plymouth, Merrimac were also in the teflon town category, why? The water….buyers like to be close to the water. While Merrimac is not on the ocean it is on the Merrimac River with a revitalized downtown.. Rounding out the list is Sherborn and Plainville, Sherborn with it’s beautiful rolling hills, horse farms and expensive real estate not too far out is a no brainer, but Plainville, I’m not so sure about. I am going to take a drive and see what I am missing.


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