Signs of Spring- What’s selling in Newton

It would appear spring fever is hitting the Newton real estate market. During the course of the last 4 weeks, 143 properties have gone under agreement here in Newton.
The average list price of a single family was $870,000, and was on the market for an average of 65 days. Condos average list was $472,782 and 78 days on the market. Multi families had an average list price of $689,567 and were on the market for 48.17 days.

the Breakdown:
93 single family homes
44 condos
6 multi families

SINGLE Families

A further breakdown:
1 home 2.5+
0 home 2.0 -2.5
7 homes 1.5- 2 million
20 homes 1million to 1.5 million
9 homes 900’s
6 homes 800’s
11 homes 700’s
17 homes 600’s
8 homes 500’s
9 homes 400’s
5 homes 300’s

2 condos above 1 million
1 condo 900’s
2 condos 700’s
3 condos 600’s
3 condos 500’s
15 condos 400’s
13 condos 300’s
5 condos 200’s

2 multi family 700’s
3 multi family 600’s
1 multi family 500’s

As you can see from the data I am reprorting all price levels seem to be moving especially properties priced under 1 million dollars. The stagnating high end is also showing signs of life. Could we be near the bottom?

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