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Blogging or trying to blog every day is hard work.  I am not usually at a loss for words and I have NO problem expressing my opinion, however, I do find blogging everyday to be stressful.  I don’t want to post inane things and I’ve been told my personality doesn’t always shine through my posts which could be a good thing.  We did a major renovation on our house recently and people are always asking for good contractors etc, so my post today is about service people I REALLY liked….

I’ll start with our Architect; Kent Duckham from Duckham Architecture and Interiors, he’s awesome.  I should also point out that both he and his wife Alina are personal friends.  Kent is very talented….not just a little talented a lot talented.  Alina is also extremely accomplished.  With Kent and Alina you get the ying and the yang…Kent is a thoughtful, quiet, reserved listener and Alina is well — just the opposite!  Check out his website:   Amazing projects, don’t let the grandeur scare you away, he also does smaller projects and loves a challenge.

My contractor was another friend Bruno Visco.  Bruno is brilliant!  Bruno can figure out any problem, talk to the architect and structural engineer and explain it to me so I could understand.  I cannot say enough good things about him, he’s ethical,  meticulous, treats every house like it is his own and last but not least, he’s adorable!

I am not going to mention my structural engineer because I HATED him…he was slow, changed his pricing, unresponsive…the list goes on.   Same problem with the civil engineer.  Between the two I would say the job was held up for at least a month to 6 weeks.

Bruno chose Serge Nasta as the Master electrician for the job.  Serge is a character, while also being capable, he is hilarious and also a little loud 781-393-9815.

The plumber we used was Powderly and Sons.  I will say that this was not a contractor that Bruno worked with before but was open to using them especially since the pricing was so much better than his guy.  Jeff and his brother took over the business from his dad and we really thought they did a good job.  Let’s put it this way, we have plenty of heat and haven’t taken a cold shower.  We did have a leak but my lovely daughter overran her bathtub and it leaked into the powder room.  A story for another day!

Our HVAC contractor Jeff Lawson.   Jeff had great pricing was very knowledgable and the air conditioning is great!  He also did the bathroom exhaust fans.  I think every Realtor in Newton has used Jeff to install their central air.  781-443-4270.

Greg Sousa from Dornan and Sousa Roofing did the roof.  We’ve known Greg for years and again the job was done on time and on budget.  (978) 454-1840.  Gutters and downspouts…New England Gutter King 888-KING-348.

I sort of liked the tile guy and sort of didn’t so he doesn’t make the list!  I cannot say enough about the guy who put in the glass shower doors.  Have you ever dealt with these shower door people?  What a bunch of asses filled with self-importance — quoting $4500.00 for one shower door and acting like they are doing you a favor with a 10-12 week lead time.  Call Tom at Boston Glass Group, you will not be disappointed!   (617) 505-6091

If you need a painter call Kieran Ridge 617) 312-793  Let’s face it when all the contractors leave the painter is the last guy there.  You will probably be spending time with your painter, too much time with your painter!  So make sure your painter is honest and pleasant.  You will just want your house back, you will just want to be there with no noise, no fumes, no yelling.  Renovating sucks no matter how you slice it but it is infinitely better if you have the right people.

Many people say to me I would never hire my friend…that is the most ignorant and irrational thought process.  If you can’t trust your friends, maybe you should get some new ones!

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