Newton Real Estate Attorneys and Mortgage Brokers etc…

My Newton contractors I love post was a huge success so I have decided to delve into real estate professionals I love.  In this crazy market we have going on here in the Boston burbs, please speak with a mortgage broker before you even start to look at homes.  Mortgage brokers are now issuing pre-approvals where your credit has been checked, your bank statements have been looked at, your income has been verified.  If something shows up on your credit report you will be asked to document and re-document what the issue was.  The guidelines for self-employed borrowers have dramatically changed and not in a good way if you are trying to buy a house.

I am listing my tops in alphabetical order not in preference order.

Mortgage Brokers

Wayne Olson

Radius Mortgage

781-706-9571  cell

Amy Slotnick:  

Fairway Independent Mortgage

781-719-4670  office

617-513-4670  cell

Anastasia Tacewicz

GMH Mortgage

617-301-1332 cell

Craig Tanny

Mortgage Equity Partners

781-309-1805 office

781-956-7640  cell

I have complete confidence in all of them, they do an excellent job and they are all PLEASANT with a can do attitude!


Brian Brown

Brian Brown Law Offices

(781) 235-4024

Yitz Magence

Gilmarten Magence


Laurie Sullivan



Paul Cornell


Neil Desmond


Lisa Alajajian


Helping to Prepare for the Move

Laurie Nordman


Laurie’s services are so comprehensive that I attached her website.

I only recommend good people who can get the job done and they must possess a sense of humor.  There a lot of bumps in the road and it makes life so much less complicated if everyone is on the same page.  Everyone of the people I have referred here works on the weekend or they have coverage on weekends.

One last thing I would like to mention is giving up a mortgage contingency or an inspection contingency is NOT a good idea….if you do not have the cash to pay for your home or do not have more money to put down if the appraisal comes in low do not forego your mortgage contingency.  I feel as if we are heading into appraisal issues again since the prices have risen so dramatically in such a short period of time.  No inspection?  Not ok unless you plan to gut the entire house or you have an endless supply of money.  I know, I know, with bidding wars you feel like you will lose this next house (and you have already been outbid on the last 4) it is a decision you may later regret when you have 6 inches of water floating in your basement.  

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