5 Reasons People Want a House in Newton

5 Reasons People Want a House in Newton

Margaret Szerlip June 11, 2014


Home buyers are searching high and low for an affordable home here in Newton.  There is only so much room and plenty of demand.  I see a need for a tastefully renovated smaller homes.  I have a hunch many older folks would like to sell their big old Victorian and move into a remodeled ranch.  Unfortunately, builders want to raze those homes and build a big monstrosity, which is why we have a glut of over 2 million dollar homes currently on the market.

1.  Newton is a Commuter’s Dream Location

Whether you work in Boston or New Hampshire Newton is beyond convenient to the Mass Pike and 128.  You can bike to Cambridge or take a bus.  While the Green Line of the T is slow; it is reliable, safe and clean.  You can get the express bus to Boston in either West Newton or Newton Corner.  If the commuter rail is more your style — no problem there are two stops in Newton.  Getting to Logan Airport is now a breeze, I have people text me when they land and I leave for the airport then.  No more circling the airport.

2.  The Local Schools are Very Well Respected

Any person with kids is justifiably concerned with the schools, and Newton is nationally recognized as a quality school system.  There are plenty of private schools around and of course multiple colleges right here in Newton

3.  The Residents are Educated and Employment is Diverse

Newton is blessed with an educated population and close proximity to institutions known to pay well.  Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, universities, financial firms, law firms, technology firms are all located either in Newton or a short drive away.

4. Newton is a Walkable Town

Milleniums want the freedom to walk many places and we cannot underestimate that choice when they are buying a home. They want to walk to coffee shops, restaurants, parks and most importantly to work.  If they can’t walk to work easy access to public transportation is a must.

5.  Strong Sense of Community

There are always things going on in Newton.  5K races, children’s activities including Art’s in the Park, dance studios, ceramics, painting, music classses along with a plethora of children’s sports.  The Y and the JCC have programs for both young and old alike.  The Senior Center is always busy with interesting speakers and activities.  The Newton Community education offers interesting classes at very reasonable rates.  Each village has something to offer and the community likes to get involved.

We are fortunate to be near an amazing network of hospitals and healthcare, professional and college athletic teams, outdoor activities on the Charles River and all the culture and history you could want from Boston to Concord.


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  1. Thanks for writing in. Brookline also has an outstanding school system. US News is a somewhat one-sided rankingmodel. Most of the top 25 are MUCH smaller schoool systems. People move here becuase we are known for our Special Ed. I have two kids and they felt totally prepared for college. My older did not exactly kill himself studying in high school and he still felt well prepared. I feel most of the teachers are excellent but the Administration in the schools leaves a lot to be desired. We can use more diversity in this city for sure! No matter where you are in life there is always something to learn from an opposing view point and that is virtually non-existent here in Newton.


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