Newton is Most Romantic Spot in Greater Boston for Couples

If you’re in a relationship, chances are you look forward to the words “date night” quite a lot (at least, we hope). And given that Boston has a plethora of romantic spots  – from pasta nights in the North End to swan boat rides in the Public Garden (don’t hate) – there’s no excuse for being stuck in date night rut.

But if you and your special someone are looking for an even more romantic place to live, it seems like Newton could be the best choice. At least, according to’s recent study on the best cities for couples. Based on a handful of couple-friendly criteria, the website found that Newton, MA was the best (read: number one) spot for couples. surveyed 1000 married renters – 57 percent of which have regular date nights with their significant other. The study also looked at each city’s percentage of married adults and divorcees – as well as the number of places to go and things to do in the vicinity.

In particular, the study chose cities with a myriad of date-night options available such as variety of restaurants, dancing, culture, and day trip opportunities (nearby ski slopes, afternoon hiking spots and/or amusement parks).

The study found that 55 percent of adult renters in Newton are married. Many of them frequent a wide variety of restaurants – no surprise there. And they also have around 242 different “amusement” options to choose from in the area.

Whether you and your significant other prefer skiing or dining out, one thing’s for sure – Boston-area couples obviously know how to plan a good “date night” – in Newton, anyway.

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